Survival Race (EP)

by Infected Swarm

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"Survival Race" is our debut EP. At this work we tried to add some melodic parts to slamming brutal death metal. We hope it was a successful experiment.


released March 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Infected Swarm Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russian death metal band formed in september 2015.

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Track Name: Patient Zero

Hey man
Do you feel something strange?
Don't be afraid. Everything will be okay... soon...
You'll become blind.
Your mind will be dead.
But you won't and you will crush everything on your way. You will be the living dead.
Get Ready!


Do you feel the pain? The world is mired in chaos and slaves that he had created. There's no way back!
This life is slowly rotting and destroying. The dark will come.
Your sickness is deep inside! Look how this plaque destroys everything!
Your sickness is deep inside! You will be a part of it!
You will kill... everything.
You will kill... everything. You will be a part of it!

God wont help you, cause he had disowned.
God wont help you, cause he had disowned.
God wont help you, cause he had disowned. From you.
Stop! You will be okay. Just let it take control on you! And everyone must die.
Track Name: Here Comes The Horde
They live for their destination - to kill and eat all human race. х2

The Horde is coming don't look back. Your poor face will be cracked. This is for what they will come. Stop and wait! They assault! (х2)
It cannot be controlled, only smash them into the wall.
People should unite and keep together to survive but they cannot understand it, they take care only on their selves. So, they will suffer, die and scream, forever take the rest in guts of corpse.

They live for their destination - to kill and eat all human race.
It's your real nightmare!

They'll come and slaughter us with no regret. Such spectacles will be all around. And life will be turned to hell on Earth.

This terrifying monsters are slaves of infection. They don't want to kill, it's just their curse and it will be yours.
Soon they'll be here and everything will be changed.

You'll feel the pain of thousand souls that torments endlessly.
You'll rot with them and burn in hell. This is your only fate!
Track Name: Killing Your Family
When everyone is sleeping - evil's not.

This restful night will bring a lot of pain.
You are sitting with fear in the dark hearing something from outside.
A very poor guest has come to you.
And you must lock the doors of your cursed house.
Its not a game. Don't let him come in.
Are you smiling? You won't when he will kill your parents.

It smells like death all around! Nothing could be fine.
There is a loud knock - the end is near!
You can't fight with fire in your head. So become insane.

Your death has come and you will meet your fate!

The only way to live is hide and leave it all.
You may hear their screaming till they all will die.
But stop sitting in the cupboard all the time.

Put your finger on the trigger and make this bastards pay.
Make this bastards pay!
Make this fucking bastards pay!

When everyone is sleeping - evil's not.
Track Name: Hell-Train (feat. Slava Antonenko)
Сan you hear this sound of wheels? When the sun goes down. And everyone who try to stop this fucking train will die.
People who survived a pain and suffering won't see any happiness. The last part of their life is a survival race. Endless race.
(Images of their disease are visible from afar. Dust covered the earth and we cannot stop our trip cause zombies everywhere.)

They gonna get on the train. Their guts are wounding on steel wheels of our warmachine.

Trumpet's smoke is hiding a sea of blood.
(You can see only mash on both sides.)
(But there's broken bridge on the way. )
Don't make such a big mistake.

(We have nowhere to go.) We have nowhere to go.

(Someone have already bitten you and you are infected. You are changing and it's the best time to atone your sins.)
You nightmare came to life and you are going to meet him.

Look at yourself. You are one of them. The time has come, the cursed blood flows in your veins.

Their scream sounds in your head. Get out of this train and you will feel the hell.
You'll see no more light. Darkness swallowed the sun.
Existence is so beautiful in this fucking world. Don't let it die with you.
(Stay calm and show your self control.)

Close your fucking eyes and pray for something more. Something that you had wished before.